Poynette man sentenced to jail, probation for poisoning death of ex-girlfriend’s dog

PORTAGE (WKOW) — A Poynette man convicted of poisoning and killing his ex-girlfriend’s dog has been sentenced today to jail and probation.

Trent Hebel was convicted on two felony charges, including animal mistreatment and stalking.

Judge Michael Screnock ordered Hebel serve 90 days in jail with Huber privileges, with a possible second 90 day term to begin a year later.

However Hebel could avoid the second jail stay by making a payment of $10,800 each to the Columbia County Humane Society and the Hope House of South Central Wisconsin.

Screnock had considered ordering community service at the two organizations, but deemed neither would want Hebel at their facilities.

So Screnock calculated the cost of community service to come up with the $10,800 amount.

He was also ordered to not have contact with his ex-girlfriend.

Hebel was arrested after authorities said he put meat laced with rat poison and antifreeze in a dish for the dog.

Gander, the dog of Tim Rittmeyer and Ali Reigstad, died in May of 2015. Hebel was arrested in September of 2016 after a fingerprint tied him to the crime.

Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak

Social Media and Digital Content Manager, 27 News

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