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The WKOW Idol “Silver Ticket or Front of the Line” Pass Contest (“Contest”) begins on September 4, 2019, at 6:00 pm Central Time and is scheduled to end on September 4, 2019, at 10:00 pm Central Time (“Contest Audition Period”). If necessary, in the sole discretion of Sponsor, the Contest Audition Period may be extended for a brief period of time to accommodate auditions of contestants who have been provided numbers by Sponsor as discussed below. It is also possible that circumstances will cause the Contest Audition Period to end early, i.e., prior to 10:00 pm Central Time. The time will be determined by Sponsor’s timekeeping systems. Sponsor will have the sole discretion in determining the timeliness of any action or inaction related to this Contest. All times mentioned in these Official Rules are Central Time unless expressly noted otherwise. By participating, contestants agree to be bound by the Official Rules, Terms & Conditions, and by the decisions of Sponsor.


1. On June 1, 2019, you must be 15 to 28 years old (which means you must be born on or between June 2, 1990 and June 1, 2004). If you were born before or after this window, you are not eligible to participate this season of the television program currently entitled “American Idol,” (the “Program”) currently intended for initial broadcast on the ABC television network.

2. You must be a legal U.S. resident and be authorized to participate in the entire competition portion of the Program and throughout the term of any post-show agreements provided by Producer or any of the other Program Entities (as defined below), such as but not limited to, a recording agreement. This means that you must either : (i) have the unrestricted right to work in the United States, or (ii) possess the appropriate United States employment authorization that permits you to participate and compete in the Program and engage in any post-show agreements and related employment. Prior to the beginning of the competition portion of the Program, each potential contestant must demonstrate, to Producer’s satisfaction, compliance with this requirement in order to accept an invitation to the competition.

3. You are ineligible to participate in the Program if you competed in any previous season of American Idol and advanced to the Top 10 stage of the competition.

4. To accept an invitation to participate in the competition portion of the Program (currently scheduled to begin in December 2019), you must be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of Producer that you do not have any contractual arrangement that would prohibit you from fully participating in the show and/or entering into any contracts required by Producer, including, but not limited to, an exclusive recording contract, merchandising contract, a live and/or global touring agreement, a music publishing or songwriting agreement and an exclusive management contract (subject to paragraph 5 below).

5. In the event that you already have a management contract prior to your first audition in front of the Program judges (please keep in mind that an audition in front of the Program judges is not guaranteed), the requirement to enter into a management contract shall not apply to you provided that you can demonstrate to the satisfaction of Producer and 19 Entertainment Limited that such contract commenced prior to the date of your first audition in front of the Program judges. Furthermore, in the event that you have previously entered into and are still a party to a music publishing or songwriting agreement prior to your audition in front of the Program judges, then you must agree to promptly disclose the existence of such agreement to Producer and the 19 Companies (as defined below) (or an affiliate or designee), provide material details of said agreement and/or provide a copy of such agreement upon the request of the 19 Companies (or an affiliate) and you must agree not to extend the existing term of such agreement. By accepting an invitation to be a participant, you must timely complete and return such participant agreements, releases and all exhibits, schedules and attachments thereto that will be furnished to you by Producer and/or 19 Entertainment Limited.

6. You must not currently be a candidate for public office and must agree not to become a candidate for public office until one (1) year after the initial exhibition of the final episode of the Program in which you appear (if selected to participate).

7. Employees of Quincy Media, Inc., WKOW License, LLC, WKOW Television, Inc., WKOW(TV), their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, prize suppliers, including any vendors providing services in connection with this Contest (collectively, the “Sponsor Affiliates”) and the immediate family members (spouse, mother, father, in-laws, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, children and grandchildren) and/or those living in the same household of any of the foregoing individuals are not eligible to participate. As of May 5, 2019 and continuing through the completion of the competition, neither you nor any of your immediate family members or members of your household (whether related or not), may be an employee, officer or director (excluding interns or other short-term independent contractors) of: (a) Industrial Media Inc. and all majority owned subsidiaries (including, but not limited to, 19 Entertainment Limited, 19 Entertainment, Inc., 19 Recording Services, Inc., 19 Recordings Limited, 19 TV Limited, 19 Recordings, Inc., and 19 Publishing, Inc.) (collectively, the “19 Companies”); (b) American Idol Productions, Inc. (“Producer”); (c) American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. (“ABC”); (d) FremantleMedia North America, Inc. (“Fremantle”); (e) Telescope Inc.; (f) any of the foregoing entities’ respective parents, subsidiaries or affiliated companies (including, without limitation, The Walt Disney Company and its affiliates); (g) any person or entity directly involved in the casting, auditions, development, production, distribution, or other exploitation of the Program or any variation thereof; (h) any known, major sponsor of the Program; or (i) any person or entity supplying services or prizes to the Program. The entities described in the preceding sentence shall be referred to herein, individually and collectively, as the “Program Entities.”

8. You must accurately complete, sign and agree to all the terms and conditions in our required forms. Forms will be available at www.wkow.com/contests. If you are found to have given any false information, you may be disqualified at any time during the Contest.

Please download, print and bring these three forms with you to the competition:

1) Eligibility

2) Consent and release

3) Rules

9. You must accurately complete all documents provided by Producer, any of the other Program Entities or any other entity providing services to the Program.

10. Please note that in order to enjoy the full benefit of any recording agreement prize offered as part of the Program, you must be a legal U.S. resident with either the unrestricted right to work in the United States or have employment authorization in the United States that permits you to work and fulfill any post show agreements provided by Producer or any of the other Program Entities.

11. Producer has the sole discretion to make determinations of contestant eligibility, which are binding and final in all respects, and Producer reserves the right to change any of the eligibility requirements at any time.

12. You acknowledge and agree that Producer has the sole discretion at any time to render ineligible and disqualify any person who, in Producer’s sole discretion, is sufficiently acquainted with the development, production, administration, judging, exhibition or other exploitation of the Program such that his or her participation in the Program could create the appearance of impropriety.

13. Winners who have the opportunity to audition for the Program are subject to and must meet the American Idol Audition Terms & Conditions, available at www.americanidol.com/auditions.

TO ENTER: Online registration for WKOW Idol opens on August 19, 2019, and you can register by going to www.wkow.com/contest and clicking on the “WKOW Idol” link. Important materials and forms are available at the registration link, and completion of the forms in advance of the September 4, 2019, Contest Audition Period will help the audition process run more smoothly. The online form must be filled out completely and truthfully and submitted at the September 4 Contest audition event. WKOW Idol will audition entrants on a first-come, first-served basis during the Contest Audition Period. Each entrant must meet the eligibility requirements to audition for WKOW Idol. Neither this Contest nor the WKOW Idol auditions are an audition for the Program. Each contestant who receives a number from the Sponsor at the September 4 audition event will get the opportunity to sing for up to one minute in front a panel of local judges on September 4, 2019, at Hotel Red, 1501 Monroe St, Madison, WI 53711. All auditions are a capella and no accompanying instruments or devices are allowed. Contestants must bring to the audition (i) a completed paper copy of “Eligibility Requirements” form, (ii) a completed paper copy of the “Audition Agreement,” and (iii) a completed paper copy of the “Consent/Release Agreement,” all of which may be found at and downloaded from the registration portal at www.wkow.com/Idol. Contestants must also bring to the audition valid, legal identification that shows the contestant’s birth date. The valid, legal identification may be a driver’s license, U.S. passport, state identification card, or birth certificate. In the case of the use of a birth certificate, valid photographic identification must also be provided as determined in the sole discretion of Sponsor.

Incomplete entries will be disqualified. Contestants may not enter the Contest more than once and may not participate in the competition more than once. Multiple entries from the same person will not be accepted. Multiple entries by means of software-generated or other automated processes will be disregarded. Illegible and incomplete entries are void. Sponsor is not responsible for interrupted, distorted, or incorrect broadcast information; lost, late, misdirected entries; or entries not received for any reason. If there is a dispute over who submitted an entry, the entry will be deemed to have been submitted by the authorized account holder of the email account identified on the entry form. The authorized account holder of an email account is deemed to be the natural person who is assigned to an email address by an Internet access provider, service provider, or online organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address. Received entries become the property of Sponsor and will not be returned.

WINNER SELECTION: There is no minimum or maximum number of winners. Winners will be selected by a panel of 3-4 local judges. Judges will rate each contestant based on their opinion of the contestant’s “Vocal Quality,” “Stage Presence” and “Star Quality.” Each of these three categories will be rated by each judge on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Any contestant who receives a 10 rating in every category by every judge will win a Silver Ticket or Front of the Line pass to audition for American Idol staff during one of the Open Auditions, which are scheduled as follows (locations and dates are subject to change): San Jose, CA (September 6), Pittsburgh, PA (September 7), Springfield, IL (September 7), Spokane, WA (September 8), Detroit, MI (September 10), Nashville, TN (September 18), Chicago, IL (September 21) (collectively, “Open Audition Cities”). Contest Winners are responsible for all of their travel costs to and from the Open Audition Cities, including transportation, accommodations, meals, taxes, licenses, fees, etc. Decisions of Sponsor and judges are final on all matters. If a local contestant does not win a Silver Ticket or Front of the Line pass he or she may still be eligible to audition in one of the Open Audition Cities (audition in front of the Program judges is not guaranteed).

WINNER NOTIFICATION AND RELEASES: Sponsor will notify winners immediately after their audition. If a potential winner: (a) is not in compliance with these Official Rules, (b) does not meet the eligibility requirements, (c) declines the prize, or (d) does not complete, sign, and return required documents or provide required identification by deadlines established by Sponsor, he or she will be disqualified. Each winner may be required, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, to complete and return an Affidavit of Eligibility & Liability/Publicity Release and provide a scan or photo of valid, legal identification and also to have any companion(s) who will participate in the prize activities, if applicable, return the same documentation before claiming the prize or being allowed to participate in any prize activities. If any of the potential winner or the companion(s), if applicable, is under the age of majority in his or her state of residence, then the parent or legal guardian of the minor potential winner or companion(s) must sign and return all required forms.

PRIZES: Judges will decide if a contestant will receive a Silver Ticket or Front of the Line pass for use in one of the Open Audition Cities scheduled for the dates set forth above (schedules for the Open Audition Cities are subject to change). A “Silver Ticket” allows the winner to have an audition in front of the Program judges or Program producers in one of the Open Audition Cities. A “Front of the Line” pass allows the winner to move to the front of the line (subject to other individuals holding a similar pass) in one of the Open Audition Cities. Winners (and companion(s), if any) are responsible for all of their travel costs to and from the audition in the Open Audition Cities, including transportation, accommodations, meals, taxes, licenses, fees, etc. Prizes for this Contest consist of only those items specifically listed as part of the prize. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute any prize with prize of equal or greater value in its sole discretion. No substitution or transfer/assignment of prize by winners permitted.

Federal, state, and local taxes on prizes, if any, and any other costs, fees and expenses not listed above as specifically included as part of the prize are the sole responsibility of winner. An IRS form 1099 and other tax-related forms and documents may be issued by Sponsor if required by law. In the event production of American Idol is cancelled or postponed, the prizing in this Contest may be cancelled without substitution or compensation therefor. These prizes are not available on the open market and, therefore, have no retail or market value.

PUBLICITY AND MARKETING: Submission of an entry in the Contest and appearance at the Madison Idol audition event constitutes permission to the Sponsor to use entrant’s/contestant’s name, identity, title, likeness, distinctive appearance, physical likeness, image, portrait, picture, photograph (whether still or moving), screen persona, voice, vocal style, statements, gestures, mannerism, personality, performance characteristics, biographical data, signature, social media handles and identities, and any other indicia or imitation of identity or likeness for purposes of advertising and trade, in any medium, without further notice, opportunity for review or approval, or compensation, unless prohibited by law.

LIABILITY RELEASE & INDEMNIFICATION: By entering this Contest and/or by appearing at the Madison Idol audition event, entrants and contestants agree to release, discharge and hold harmless Sponsor, Sponsor Affiliates, as well as all other entities identified above in paragraph 6 of the ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS section, and their respective parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries and all of their directors, officers, employees, agents and assigns (the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, losses, and damages arising out of, or relating to, entrant’s/contestant’s participation in this Contest or any Contest-related activities (including, without limitation, any event attended for audition or as part of a prize) and the acceptance and use, misuse, or possession of any prize awarded hereunder (including, without limitation, any misrepresentation made by the contestant in connection with the Contest; any non-compliance by an entrant or contestant with these Official Rules; claims brought by persons or entities other than the parties to these Official Rules arising from or related to the entrant’s or contestant’s involvement with the Contest; acceptance, possession, misuse or use of any prize or participation in any Contest-related activity (including any audition or event) or participation in this Contest; any malfunction, error or other problem arising in connection with the collection, processing, or retention of entry information; or any typographical or other error in the printing, offering or announcement of any prize or winner). The foregoing includes, without limitation, any claim for personal injury, property loss or damage, or death arising in any way in connection with the Contest.

OTHER TERMS: Sponsor not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing, the offering or the announcement of any prize or in the administration of the Contest, whether caused by computer, technical or human error. Sponsor is not responsible for late, lost, damaged, incomplete, illegible, faulty, or incorrect transmissions, incorrect announcements of any kind, technical hardware or software failures of any kind, any damage to any person’s computer related to or resulting from participating in the online portion of the Contest, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmission that may limit a user’s ability to participate in the Contest whether caused by computer, technical or human error. Sponsor reserves the right to terminate or modify the Contest or any portion of it for any reason, including but not limited to, if fraud, misconduct or technical failures destroy or impact the integrity of the Contest; or if a computer virus, bug, wireless failure, or other technical problem corrupts or interferes with the administration, security, or proper administration of the Contest as determined by Sponsor, in its sole discretion. If Sponsor terminates the Contest, Sponsor may elect to conduct auditions of one or more entrants who submitted eligible, non-suspect entries received as of the termination date and will post notice of its action on the Contest website. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify, freeze or prohibit the participation of an individual if fraud or tampering is suspected, or if the individual fails to comply with any requirement of participation or with any provision in these Official Rules. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any individual from further participation in the Contest if Sponsor concludes, in its sole discretion, that such person: (a) has attempted to tamper with the entry process or other operation of the Contest; (b) has disregarded or has attempted to circumvent these Official Rules; (c) has committed fraud or attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the Contest; or (d) has acted toward Sponsor, any Sponsor Affiliates, or any other entrant or contestant in an unfair, inequitable, annoying, threatening, disrupting or harassing manner. If a dispute arises regarding compliance with these Official Rules, Sponsor may consider, in its sole discretion, data reasonably available to Sponsor through information technology systems in Sponsor’s control, but Sponsor will not be obligated to consider any data or other information collected from or offered or provided by any other source. Any attempt to undermine the operation of this Contest may be a violation of criminal and civil laws. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify and/or seek damages from any individual making any such attempts to the full extent permitted by law. Any failure by Sponsor to enforce any of these Official Rules, Terms & Conditions will not constitute a waiver of such Official Rules, Terms & Conditions. If there is a conflict between any term of the Official Rules, Terms & Conditions and any marketing or entry materials used in connection with the Contest, the terms of these Official Rules, Terms & Conditions will govern.

GOVERNING LAW & JURISDICTION: EXCEPT WHERE PROHIBITED, CONTESTANTS AGREE THAT ANY AND ALL DISPUTES, CLAIMS AND CAUSES OF ACTION ARISING OUT OF OR CONNECTED WITH THIS CONTEST (INCLUDING THE AUDITION) OR PRIZE AWARDED, WILL BE RESOLVED INDIVIDUALLY WITHOUT RESORT TO ANY FORM OF CLASS ACTION, AND ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, JUDGMENTS AND AWARDS WILL BE LIMITED TO ACTUAL OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS INCURRED BY CONTESTANT WITH REGARD TO THIS CONTEST, BUT IN NO EVENT ATTORNEYS’ FEES, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of contestants and Sponsor in connection with the Contest will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules or provisions (whether of Wisconsin or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than Wisconsin. The state and federal courts located in Dane County, Wisconsin, will be the exclusive forum for any dispute relating to these Official Rules and/or this Contest. All entrants, participants, contestants, and winners agree, by their participation in the Contest, to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in Dane County, Wisconsin, and waive the right to contest jurisdiction.

SEVERABILITY: If any provision(s) of these Official Rules, Terms & Conditions are held to be invalid or unenforceable, all remaining provisions hereof will remain in full force and effect.

SPONSORS: Quincy Media, Inc., WKOW Television, Inc., WKOW License, LLC, WKOW(TV), 5727 Tokay Blvd., Madison, WI 53719 (collectively, “Sponsor”).

I agree to the terms of these Official Rules and that I meet all the eligibility requirements as outlined in these Official Rules:

_____________________________________________ ______________________________

Signature Date


Printed Name

______________________________________________ ______________________________

Address Telephone Number

If under 18, I acknowledge that I am the parent/guardian of the minor whose signature appears above and do hereby consent and agree to the terms and provisions of this Release, Consent, and Agreement.


Guardian Signature





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