Company breaks ground on radioisotopes facility

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BELOIT (WKOW) — A second company that makes products used to detect cancer has now broke ground on a facility in Rock County.

Northstar Medical Radioisotopes corporate headquarters will be located at Gateway Boulevard in Beloit. The company makes medical radioisotopes, which are essentially chemicals that doctors inject into patients used to detect cancers.

Their supply of this chemical will be supplies to U.S. healthcare providers.

“One is it’s exciting to be supplying reliable product but even more exciting is knowing that we are helping patients,” said Stephen Merrick, Northstar Medical Radioisotopes. “We are estimating that many tens of thousands of patients have received and they’ve been able to have their imaging procedures thanks to that supply.”

In May another company, Shine Technologies, began to build their new Janesville facility. The also make medical isotopes. Studies show that the medical ingredient both of these companies will make are used to diagnose and treat 56,000 Americans per day.

Matthew Cash

Matthew Cash

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