Digging Deeper: Many left unaware and unprepared with flood coverage

MAZOMANIE (WKOW) – Months after flood waters ravaged southwestern Wisconsin, victims are still puzzled and reeling over the failure of their insurance plans to address huge losses.

Until 2016, Larry and Teresa Travis’ Mazomanie home was in a federal special hazard flood plain that required them to purchase costly flood insurance.

But their home’s lender informed them flood maps changed, with the insurance requirement dropped.  They assumed without the previously designated flooding risk, they were okay.

Larry Travis says the late August torrential rainfall and flooding have left their home uninhabitable.  There’s no insurance to cover it, and Travis questions decisions and guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In Middleton, Paige Stone and her husband Andrew Schuck assumed their general, homeowner’s insurance policy included protection in the event of any flooding.

In August, the flooding at their home was so intense, it damaged their home’s foundation, caused thousands of dollars in damage, and displaced them for weeks.

Their homeowner’s insurance policy covers nothing of what happened.

Thursday, on 27 News at 10, we’re Digging Deeper and asking FEMA for answers on flood victims left in the lurch, and what homeowners should do to avoid these catastrophes in the future.

Tony Galli

Tony Galli

Reporter, WKOW

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