What’s going around: Workplace injuries

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(WKOW) — Workplace injuries are a common way to wind up in the doctor’s office.  According to Dr. Kevin Vogt with Prairie Clinic, statistic shows about three percent of full-time workers are hurt on the job.

Dr. Vogt says workplace injuries can lead to a loss of money and productivity for the worker and employer, and in worse case scenarios someone could be permanently disabled.

Dr. Vogt’s recommendation is to be proactive, preventing workplace injuries before they happen. He says all employees should have training on how to safely do their jobs, know a comprehensive safety plan, identify dangers and use safety equipment in those instances, and know when to ask for help.

If you are hurt on the job, Dr. Vogt says treatment can include occupational therapy, physical therapy and following any additional instructions from doctors to get back to work.

Communication is also key, according to Dr. Vogt.  Good communication can help prevent workplace injuries, and if you are hurt you’ll want to stay in close contact with your company’s HR department to make sure you’re going through the proper procedures.

Caroline Bach

Caroline Bach

Anchor, Wake Up Wisconsin Weekend

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