Out-of-state college students express concern and confusion about voting

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(WKOW) — During this election season, there’s a lot of talk of college students voting. But thousands of Wisconsin college students from out-of-state will need to jump a number of hurdles to vote. The confusion of it all, may stop some of them from going to the polls altogether.

Some out-of-state students need special ID cards to be eligible to vote in Wisconsin. However, some students feel it’s hard to get those cards and show proof of residency.

Other students expressed frustration with voting instructions from their universities for out-of-state students.

“University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) sent out a series of emails saying what we needed to do but I found that none of them are really geared towards out of state students specifically,” Sierra Trojan, a UWM Senior said.

Neil Albrecht with the Milwaukee Election Commission said the issue is a confusing problem for out-of-state students all over the country.

“If your first attempt at voting turns out to be a discouraging experience and you’re not actually able to cast your ballot, it begs the question, will you try to return again and try to vote in future elections?” Albrecht said.

Rules for voting are not consistent throughout the UW system. Only four UW campuses have IDs that can be used for voting.



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