Reedsburg homeowner in limbo after city declares house uninhabitable

REEDSBURG (WKOW) — It’s been nearly four weeks since heavy rain in southern Wisconsin that caused major flooding began. And some people in flood zones still don’t know what will happen to their homes.

David Kosak and his wife have lived in this house in Reedsburg for more than 30 years.

We spent years making it our home, getting it just the way we wanted,” he said.

But after historic flooding swept through the city, damaging many homes including theirs, he’s uncertain if they can return. The city considers their home uninhabitable.

The sign just says ‘not fit for human occupancy.’ That’s not, supposedly, not the same as a condemn.”

But the decision by the building inspector can be reversed.

If they cleaned up, get rid of the smells, mold and all that kind of stuff,” Kosak said. “I’ve been kind of hesitant to do a lot of clean up because I was told the house was going to be condemned. Why bother cleaning it up if it’s going to be torn down?

Kosak said government assistance won’t be enough.

As I understand it, FEMA can only pay out $33,500 when a house is called a total loss.”

Until officials determine if the house is a total lose or not, Kosak hangs in limbo.

It’s just this waiting game, you know,” he said. “Waiting to hear from the government, waiting to hear from the city. Are we condemned or not?”

David Johnson

David Johnson

Reporter, WKOW

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