Walker highlights tax break for manufacturers and ag, while opponent wants repeal

MADISON (WKOW) — Governor Scott Walker is highlighting a tax break for manufacturers and those in the agriculture industry, which his Democratic opponent Tony Evers wants to eliminate.

Walker signaled his support during a Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Luncheon. The governor signed the tax credit into law this year, which eliminates the tax on income from manufacturing activity in the state. Evers wants to repeal it to help make the state’s tax system more fair for working class people.

Walker argues taking the measure away would eliminate progress made so far to bring back manufacturing jobs.

“About 88 percent of all the businesses in the state who benefit from the manufacturing and agriculture production tax credit are small businesses,” said Walker. “Businesses that make less than one million a year if we take that out we would be taking out a lot of the growth and prosperity in the state.”

Evers’ spokesperson said the state’s economy may be working for wealthy corporate interests, but not families.

Emilee Fannon

Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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