Teen punches Madison woman after confrontation on city bus

MADISON (WKOW) — A Madison teen girl, 17, faces battery charges after police say she attacked a fellow bus passenger.

A verbal confrontation began on a Madison Metro bus Tuesday afternoon and continued as several teenagers and a 40-year-old woman got off at the East Transfer Point, 102 West Corporate Dr.

The woman told police, that after getting off the bus, she was surrounded by the teens and that one punched her a couple of times in the face, according to a Madison police incident report.

She had blood dripping from a cheek, and an eye was beginning to swell, as she waived officers down as they responded to the scene.

The victim said the teens had been loud and disruptive on the bus, and that she had told them to “calm yourselves down!” She said the group then began to call her names, and later confronted her after all got off of the bus.

The victim provided a good description of the suspect, and officers were able to locate her in the area. She was arrested for battery after trying to convince police that the woman had assaulted her first.



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