Law enforcement: “Turn on your headlights in the fog”

MADISON (WKOW) — Local law enforcement officials are issuing warnings on social media Sunday, asking drivers to turn on their headlights in these foggy conditions.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office shared an image of a vehicle pulled over with the caption:

“The citation he received is far less expensive that what could have happened down the road if a crash had occurred because someone could not adequately see him coming. Be safe out there and please turn on your headlights in the fog!”

FORECAST: Dense fog advisory continues until 10 am Monday

The Sun Prairie Fire Department echoed this caution, reminding travelers that visibility is less than a quarter mile in the area.

According to the Green County Sheriff’s Office, drivers need to slow down, use headlights and keep a safe distance between other vehicles during the dense fog advisory.

While some newer vehicles may have automatic headlights, they need to be manually turned on during daylight hours.



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