Sauk City Fire Department receives funding for new water rescue equipment

SAUK CITY (WKOW) — The Sauk City Fire Department recently received a grant that it says will help the department purchase new water rescue equipment in anticipation of potential future flooding.

The money from Madison Gas & Electric and Alliant Energy will be used to outfit ten firefighters in complete water gear, including full body suits, boots, gloves, helmets and headlamps.

“The recent summer floods of 2018 along with other water rescue events of the past has shown the department the importance of having the right equipment for the job,” the department said in a Facebook post. “Prior warm weather rescues forced our members to use our cold water rescue suits for protection, which would quickly exhaust them due to the suits’ insulating qualities.”

The department says it is also developing a water rescue division that will conduct additional training above and beyond their regular instruction.

Jenna Graham

Jenna Graham

Weekend Assignment Editor

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