Whitehorse Middle School administrator resigns after altercation with student

MADISON (WKOW) — The administrator shown in surveillance video allegedly pushing an 11-year-old student to the ground has resigned following a school board meeting Thursday.

A lawyer for the local teacher’s union, Madison Teachers Inc., confirmed to 27 News that the administrator had resigned.

Thursday’s school board meeting included a closed-session agenda item discussing employment and discipline of a public employee. The administrator resigned following the meeting.

“As a board, we are fully committed to creating welcoming and safe schools for all, where every child is valued and cared for, and we are more resolved than ever to move forward in that work,” the Education Board said in a statement. “It is our responsibility to support our students of color and to create the environments that all of our students deserve. We are committed to this work in our role as board decision makers and as representatives of our community.”

The altercation allegedly occurred Feb. 13. The student’s mother said her child was pushed to the ground and had her braids torn out.



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