Concern grows over fate of Jesus’ crown of thorns, kept at Notre Dame Cathedral

PARIS (WKOW) — Concern is growing over the priceless, historical artifacts kept at Notre Dame in Paris after fire all but destroyed the cathedral Monday.

French firefighters said that the most precious artwork at Notre Dame was saved, however the fate of other items in unknown.

Among the artifacts are the Crown of Thorns, said to be worn be Jesus before his crucifixion. Fears are growing about the relics that could have been lost, according to the Independent. 

The crown is stored at the end of a nave of the cathedral, not readily visible to visitors.

Said to have been worn by Christ before the crucifixion, it is presented to believers for veneration on the first Friday of each month and every Friday during Lent.

The authenticity of the relic cannot be stated with certainty, but it has been documented as dating back to the fourth century.



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