Competitive Wisconsin helps to retain employees

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(WKOW) — Founded in 1981 with a mission dedicated to keeping the state’s economy strong, Competitive Wisconsin’s current focus is on addressing Wisconsin’s current and projected critical workforce shortages.

“It’s a collaboration of business, labor, agriculture, etc. Folks who take a look at, and are constantly looking at, the underlying issues affecting Wisconsin’s economy and trying to make sure that we’re competitive going forward,” Jim Wood, the strategic council for Competitive Wisconsin said.

For more than thirty years CWI has engaged in powerful strategic analysis of Wisconsin’s economic challenges and opportunities in an effort to help create family supporting jobs, and enhancing quality of life for the people of the Wisconsin.

“In order for our state to be successful in the future we need a really, really strong, private sector,” Mark O’Connell from Competitive Wisconsin said.

“But the private sector also needs government. There needs to be a collaboration, there needs to be a partnership, there needs to be a shared vision; a shared vision for this state and how we position our state for future success,” O’Connell said.

There is an old saying that tells us “united we stand, divided we fall.” CWI has always taken that advice to heart and obviously believes that when business, labor, agriculture, government, and education work together, they can and will make Wisconsin a better place to live, work, and prosper.

“We were competing with other states in the United States, now we’re in a global economy, and so the question is… you know, how do you keep the jobs here, how do you keep the revenues here, how do you support your schools, your roads, and all the rest of that. And that’s a constantly changing target. And what we do is try to understand where the next challenge is and get ahead of that,” Wood said.

It takes a lot of thought, bold ideas, and a willingness to listen to grow Wisconsin’s economy, create worthwhile jobs, and maintain a good quality of life in the state. Competitive Wisconsin is helping to fill that need and seeks new ideas to keep our economy moving forward.



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