Packers players speak in defense of Rodgers, after critical article

GREEN BAY – As the Packers begin their off-season program, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is fielding more questions about the Bleacher Report article that painted him as having a fractured relationship with former head coach Mike McCarthy and as not being a good teammate. He shrugged it all off, saying he’s had a great week.

“100 plus former teammates and coaches and current teammates and coaches [have contacted me since the article came out],” said Rodgers at a media availability at the team facility on Wednesday. “You know that’s fun, especially some of the guys you haven’t heard from in awhile checking in.”

Likely not not among them – former Packers receivers Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley – who were critical of Rodgers’ personality and leadership in the article.

“If there was any issues during our time playing together [with those guys], I was just across the locker room [to talk to],” said Rodgers.

Rodgers’ top current receiver, Davante Adams, came out in defense of #12.

“Nobody [from Bleacher Report] reached out to me,” said Adams on Wednesday. “Nobody reached out to James Jones. Nobody reached out to Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb. Any of these guys who obviously had a good relationship with [Rodgers]. So I think if those people were interviewed about him, it’d be a lot different.”

Linebacker Blake Martinez says Rodgers didn’t address the team about the write-up.

“We know the type of guy [Rodgers] is,” said Martinez on Wednesday. “He’s an amazing leader and an amazing guy on and off the field. He was one of the guys, first time I came in, he introduced himself. And any time I had needed a question I always went to him and he was always ready and made time to answer it.”

Rodgers mentioned that he has spoken with McCarthy since his firing last season, but he declined to comment about whether or not he had spoken with him when the article came out last week.

Amy Gill

Amy Gill

Sports Anchor/Reporter, 27 News.

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