Deputies: Alabama man fed meth to ‘attack squirrel’

Everyone knows squirrels are characteristically jumpy by nature, but apparently their natural vigilance wasn't enough for an Alabama man, who allegedly fed a pet squirrel methamphetamine to make it aggressive.

Crochet craze continues for La Crosse boy

Recently he has made numerous TV appearances, been featured in major publications across the world, signed a book deal and partnered with a celebrity fashion designer among other things. But he still is prioritizing his charity work.

Grow your own herbs for tea

Relax away the stress of the day with a cup of tea brewed from freshly picked herbs you grew in your garden or containers.

Pet of the Week: Meet Ducky!

The 1-year-old Pointer, German Shorthaired mix was rescued from a shelter in Texas. He only had days to live before he was scheduled to be euthanized.

Pollen count stays relatively low through the weekend due to recent rains

Pollen count stays relatively low through the weekend due to recent rains

Another round of showers today, especially farther south, continues to keep overall pollen counts low.

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Monona high-speed chase suspect free without bail restrictions

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Lawyers ease industry concerns on industrial hemp laws

The State Bar of Wisconsin held a panel discussion about the legal reality to grow, process and sell industrial hemp.

Board president’s vote supporting Madison police in schools reviewed

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