Cold afternoon ahead

Madison (WKOW)– Cloudy to partly sunny today, and yet again unseasonably cold. The average high temperature should be around 60, but temperatures will be roughly 20 degrees below average.  Fortunately, wind doesn’t look like it will play much of a factor today. Highs will be in the low 40s for most of us. We are expected to see some sunshine, but later in the day closer to the commute home from work or school.

It’s possible another freeze warning could go in effect tonight because lows will drop back into the 30s and some areas even the 20s! Mostly dry this weekend, especially early in the day on Saturday. Maybe a few sprinkles possible Saturday night, but a better chance of a few showers on Sunday.

A dry pattern after this weekend with temperatures remaining slightly below average. Temperatures will warm up to average near the end of next week. Happy Friday.

Guy Brown

Guy Brown

Meteorologist, WKOW
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