Southern Wisconsin colder than parts of Mars through Friday morning

MADISON (WKOW) – Life-threatening cold is setting up as temps fall below zero tonight and stay there through Friday morning.

Temps tumble to -25 to -30 tonight, but with brisk winds out of the west up to 25 mph, wind chills will be anywhere from -45 to -60.

-54° in 1986 was the coldest wind chill ever recorded in Madison.

Forecast Wind chills through Wed morning
Forecast Wind chills through Wed morning

Wind chills stay around -30 to -50 through the daylight hours of Thursday with actual highs around -3.

Then temps crash back to around -30 to -35! -37 is the coldest we’ve ever felt in Madison, back on January 30, 1951.

By Friday afternoon, temps finally warm to the teens.

Temps get above freezing this weekend: full forecast

This is life-threatening cold. Exposed skin will see signs of frost bite after just five minutes. Know the signs of hypothermia!

Signs of hypothermia from NWS
Signs of hypothermia from NWS


Overnight lows on Mars plunge to -80F to -250F nightly because that planet has a very thin atmosphere.

But during the day, temps right now are getting to near zero or even above freezing.

And Wisconsin’s daytime highs aren’t going to get above zero til midday Friday.

Max Tsaparis

Max Tsaparis

Wake Up Wisconsin Meteorologist
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